About The Tangled Tulip

Homie Lover Wife.  Girl Mom.  Eternal Optimist.  Recovering Fixer.  Growth Seeker.     Overcomer.  Creative Vessel.  Passionately Spirited.  Loyal Friend.  Fierce Lover.  

I am happily wed to a man I couldn’t have dreamed up to fit me any better. Mom of two young adult children that I raised solo with the help of my tribe.  Feverishly attempting to navigate all that life throws my way with style, grace, and elloquence  — making messes of things along the way, but getting up and back at it to try again every day.  Forever on a mission. Striving to  live my best life ~ laughing and learning along the way.

In my quest to reach the healthiest, most authentic version of myself, it means embracing my broken pieces too.

Why the Tangled Tulip you ask ?

tangled: twisted together in complicated state

tulip: perfect and deep love, one of the first flowers to bloom in the spring, they represent rebirth.

As humans we are woven intricately together with layers of twists, turns, and complexities. God loves us completely in spite of our complicated pieces and imperfections. His love is perfect and deep. When we walk with Him we are reborn, bringing balance to our human condition. Even when we are lost, God’s love covers us in a blanket of unwavering and unconditional love giving us peace and direction.

Thus, we are all connected in the garden of life sharing our journey among endless fields of Tangled Tulips. And these are my Tales.