Write On?! Right On!! Write Now?! Right Now!!

I don’t know about you, but sometimes thinking back on things I said or did in the past make me question myself, like– “Who is that girl impersonating me and who let her do/say that in my body, from my mouth?” Not you? Okay, cool, I guess it’s just me then.  Well, come with me for just a moment any way and pretend you can relate. I sometimes bury my head in embarrassment and confusion when good ol’ Facebook ‘Memories’ take me back to a post my 4 year ago self-made and it makes me cringe. But God, right? I mean thank the heavens above that He created us as living and growing creatures capable of evolving into greater versions of ourselves in the quest of becoming all that He called us to be. Can I get an amen? Occasionally, I get to be pleasantly surprised. You know, like when someone recalls a nugget of truth that I shared with them or reminds me of something I once said that impresses me.  And I’m like really?…I said that? Oh wow, okay!  Well, recently my Facebook notifications called me back to a post I wrote a year ago. This was actually one that brought relief and didn’t force me to walk back through the hall of shame.  I re-read the status…and scoffed quietly to myself in agreement with how true the sentiment in the post remains today.C6C9F577-0312-495B-AFAD-52259E95D77C

As the day went on, with a few seconds to spare in between tasks—I took a moment to reach out to my most reliable SisterFriend, Google.  Because, let’s be honest, she almost always answers all the calls without fail, day or night. Anyway, I quickly typed a very simple, generalized search. It was something I wanted to come back to later and I knew if I didn’t get it in my browser tabs now, I’d forget it.  Googling ‘podcasts for writing’ led me to a list of results.  I had intentions of coming back to the list when I got home from work, but already progressing with the search and knowing I had a little drive ahead of me, why not go ahead and find one to listen to on my way.  Makes total sense, right? I scanned the list and clicked on an article ’30 of the best podcasts for writing’. The list emerged and even more quickly I decided on one in particular of the 30 to click on. Simply & cleverly titled “Write Now”— a theme that had continually resounded in my spirit.  The universe has a way of yelling at me, like “hey you, you there, that sign you needed to trust it’s Me, here is the 177th flashing light of exact confirmation, need anything else while I have your attention?” 

Any-who, that link took me straight to episode 3 from 2015 (there are currently 82)— The title of that episode was “Writing for Selfcare”. Legit, my SisterFriend, Google was at the top of her game today, intuitively bringing me exactly where I was supposed to be.  Here again, another sign where the title referenced my very reason for wanting write!—which in the scope of the subject of writing is only related by a .000000000012% as even the podcast would confirm.  Intrigued, I began listening to it once I got on the road for work. Being totally honest, 4 minutes into the 29 minute recording I nearly turned the podcast off. At first, the voice didn’t really engage me. I listen to a lot of podcasts and audio books, voice can be a deal breaker for me, sometimes even when I am really engaged in the content.  Resisting the urge, I continued to listen.  At minute 25 the speaker touches on another area of my reason for wanting to help others—which is almost the exact opposite of the title that first caught my attention. Say what?! Am i just imagining this?! Is this for real?!

Maybe I’ve lost your interest by now. Perhaps you are just rolling your eyes thinking this Tangled Tulip girl…she is too much. If so, I hope I am too much and you like it because you’re extra too….not too much, you just can’t.  My point is, out of the 999 trillion files related to this widely generic subject available on the web, my even more generic search took me straight where it was supposed to—but, also where I likely wouldn’t have landed if I was looking specifically for it. Are you hearing me? This confirmation even further confirms my post from a year ago is still as true as it ever was! It also confirms that my previous confirmations which had already been confirmed was just reconfirmed again times 2—which means I need to need to be obedient. So, here I am, being all obedient and stuff. 

Now, by this point I may have totally lost you for real.  And with all of the extra details,  maybe I have confused you in my excitement of the story. If I didn’t entertain you at least a little with my exuberant play-by-play, my hope is that at the least you can take away the moral of the story. What stands true for me, can also be true for you.  You just need to pay attention.  Slow down. Keep your eyes peeled for the tiny flickers as much as the flashing lights.  Listen to that small, still voice planted inside of you.  Pay attention when you see outwardly signs that mimic the seed that voice has planted. And when you receive that confirmation you need, go as you’ve been called. 

One last thing, if writing  piques your interest or is a stir you feel moved by, I encourage you to take a listen to Sarah Werner’s Write Now podcast. I have listened since that Google search and learned quiet a bit.  I now keep it in my podcast rotation.


The Tangled Tulip

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